Achievements are awarded to the player for completing in-game tasks. These achievements don't affect gameplay and are only for collecting. These achievements are listed below. (Both the steam version and iOS version have the same achievements.)

Note: The steam icons are used, as the iOS version uses similar icons.

Icon Name Requirements
Just One More Turn Submit five turns.
Matrix Glitch Use the undo feature and tried something new.
Nap Time Knock out an enemy.
Bring it On! Taunt an opponent.
Frozen Lake Submit a turn less than three minutes after your opponent moved.
Take All Day Academy Take all day to put in your turn after your opponent did.
I'm Hooked Submit 100 turns.
Ow! My Jewels! Use an assault tile to do bonus crystal damage.
Stomp the Yard Stomp two enemy heroes in one turn.
Level the Field Knock out three enemy heroes in one turn.
Triple-Team Attack a single enemy with three different heroes in one turn.
That Stings Do 2000 or more damage with a single attack.
Strategist Win a game by destroying the enemy's crystals.
Tactician Win a game by destroying the enemy team.
Nice to Beat You Win a game against a random player.
Two Large Destroy two enemy crystals in a single turn.
Perfect Match Win a game and take no crystal damage.