The following article contains hints for the challenge levels, if you still want to try them yourself, don't read. If this is what you wish, scroll down.

Meet The CouncilEdit

Ladder ClimbEdit

Make the enemy's knight go "higher" and attack with your cleric.

Knight FightEdit

No, this is not a knight fight. More like Wizards vs Knights. Power up!

Warrior BashEdit

Knock, knock? Who's there? Fire.


An arrow in a storm of fire.


Poof! Shoot! Slash! Poof! Zap! Oh, the action in this challenge!

Wizard DanceEdit

High five, boom, down low.

Cluster BombEdit

Must "Zap & Knock" the Void Monk, then "air strike" the Dark Elves to victory!

Meet The ShaolinEdit

Teamwork CountsEdit

This is obvious. Use the units' special abilities in the most effective order.

Join UsEdit

So... Which unit do you think is the most valuable?

Shields Are Down!Edit

Shi-Shi-Shi-Shield Breaker!