Chieftan tile


  • Elite super unit; can charge and close the distance quickly.
  • Unlike most teams, the Tribe gets two super units!
  • Wade straight into battle; don’t be afraid to sacrifice if you have a lot of heroes on the board.

Initial StatsEdit

HP: 1000
Power: 200 Physical
Resistances: 0% Physical Reduction, <0% Magical Reduction
Attack Range: 1
Movement: 2
Effect: AOE fighter who can pull surrounding enemies close, or charge out to distant enemies.


When charging, the Chieftain can move next to an enemy unit up to four squares away, dealing damage equal to power. If the Chieftain lands on an assault tile, the damage boost is added before the damage is dealt.

When normally attacking, the Chieftain can pull nearby enemy heroes to an empty spot next to him. Pulling a unit does not do damage.

Enemies standing on E can be pulled to the spot marked with an arrow
E v E
E > C < E
E ^ E

When attacking, the Chieftain does 2/3 damage to non-target enemies standing in the 8 spaces surrounding him.