An interesting aspect of the game is the relative worth of heroes? How many knights is a Ninja worth? Can a Ninja beat two Archers? Does it depend on what stage the battle is in? Share your thoughts here!

The CouncilEdit

1. Ninja - One of the two high points of Council offense. He compensates for the weak offensive capability and lack of special effects of the wizard, cleric, and knight. Use him with a scroll to take out the enemy super unit. In fact, his death had better take out the enemy super unit and a couple other heroes at least. Use his teleport ability to kill enemy heroes, stomp them, and then exchange places with a expendable piece like a knight. Hit and run! Finally, don't put the ninja on the field just because you can. Maybe your opponent will send their valuable heroes down so that your ninja can pop out and assasinate them.

  • Valuable when you have fodder heroes like the knight and cleric to exchange places with. The farther your other units are placed, the greater his valuable mobility.

2. Archer - The other high point of Council offense. She makes up for the Ninja's lack of range, so keep at least two of her alive and equipped with the shield, sword, and helmet. If she's got a sword and scroll, she easily kill a wandering enemy super unit. Her range also can keep enemy units at bay; if they get too close, shoot them! Highly valuable as a source of range for your team; trade her only for other valuable units.

3. Wizard - Not a particularly strong ranged hero, unless enemy heroes are clustered together. If your opponent's heroes aren't clustered together, he's a cleric without healing powers. Don't be afraid to let him die if you can do a bunch of chain damage. If you have a fire spell, you might be able to use his death to kill two of the enemy heroes.

4. Cleric - Only necessary for her healing powers. You should always make sure to have one cleric left alive to save your heroes from irreversible death. Other than that, she's probably equal to anything except a knight (or engineer?)

5. Knight - One of the worst pieces of the game. The Knight is only good at taking hits. Unless you've added a helmet or a shield to him, you shouldn't hesitate to trade him for any other hero.

The DwarvesEdit

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