Features Edit

Super Unit that can revive knocked out enemy units to fight for his side
Attack together with his team to deal massive combo damage
Can revive his friends if a healer is absent; make sure he's deep in the battle

Stats Edit


Power: 100 Magical (can be raised due to combos)

Resistances: 0% Magical, 0% Physical

Attack Range: 3

Movement: 3

Effect: Can revive allies and knocked out enemies to fight for his side

Strategy Edit

With the Shaolin Edit

The Shadow, unlike most Shaolin units, has a very low base power, so he relies on his teammates to get combo points on the target, and lower their defenses so that he can come in, kill, and revive the unit to fight for his side. The Shadows ability to revive knocked out units is what he is going to be used for most of the time, and can act as a stand in healer as he can revive his allies as well. The shadow a has the best movement and attack range combined in the game, which will allow him to get combo points on targets that other units have been struggling with, and obviously to revive them afterwards. You will want to buff him with a Dragonscale and Shining Helm, but since his damage will lie mostly with combo points, you'll want to save your Runemtals for your Monks and Windblades. He should also be kept close to a Taoist or other healing unit you may have, especially if you're playing against the Shaolin so that he won't be turned against you or be killed.

Against the Shaolin Edit

The Shadow won't be too much trouble for you if you can keep your fallen units away from him, either stomping them or reviving them and getting them away from him will keep most of your heroes from being turned against you, though you might lose a few if your opponent persists. To get rid of him quickly would be the most effective strategy to not lose your units, but overall tread carefully around the Shadow when he is with a teammate or two because his damage is increased significantly when paired up with another unit.