Wraith tile
"The Wraith has great potential, but must be strategically nurtured to meet it."


  • Super unit who consumes fallen heroes to grow stronger.
  • Can’t teleport like the Council’s ninja, but he can be deployed on knocked-out enemy units.
  • Nurture and protect the wraith until he consumes several heroes; consume your own fallen if they’re close by.


HP: 650 (can be raised to 1100 by consuming fallen heroes)
Power: 250 Magical (melee) (can be raised to 400)
Resistances: 0% Physical Resistance, 10% Magical Resistance
Attack Range: 1
Movement: 3
Effect: Upon killing a KO'd unit, the Wraith recovers and increases it's max HP by 150.

Strategy Edit

With the Dark Elves Edit

The Wraith attacks only after it has consumed at least two or three heroes, gaining max health and attack power with each unit consumed, he should be brought in the mid to late game to consume fallen enemies instead of having your Necromancer revive them as Phantoms. When you deploy your Wraith, you also have the choice to put him on a fallen unit, or on one of the regular deploy squares. What you choose is obviously up to you, but if you are going to put him on a fallen unit, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, if it's an enemy unit, think about if the opposing heroes have the power and range to kill and stomp your Wraith before he can consume other fallen heroes or receive runemetals and soulstones. If deploying on one of your own fallen units, you have to consider if it's worth putting the Wraith there and losing the potential to revive that hero. For example, if a fully buffed Necromancer was killed last round and is surrounded by 4 enemy heroes, you most likely don't want to put your Wraith there because you'll lose your powerful Necromancer and your Wraith will most likely be killed before anything can be done. However, if the same situation were to take place but the Wraith has the perfect opportunity to devour some heroes and the destroy the opponents crystal, you would most likely want to do so.

Against the Dark Elves Edit

The Wraith is rather defenseless before it consumes heroes, so taking it out before it recieves upgrades and/or consumes units will be rather easy and save you a lot of trouble later on. A way to counter a fully buffed Wraith would be to Supercharge/Haunch of Meat a hero, attack the Wraith, and then kill and stomp him (probably revive him if Shaolin) because the Wraith only gains attack power and health through eating units, not any defenses.